The People behind Capella Meadows Edda Boettcher Edda was born in Germany where she definitely loved to eat cheese but didn’t think about cheesemaking yet. When she moved to Canada and on the farm she got more and more into the idea of transforming the goat milk produced on the farm into something unique and tasteful. She took as many different cheese courses and opportunities to learn about cheese and cheesemaking as possible and will be our main cheese maker as soon as our cheese…Continue Reading “Who”

At Capella Meadows we try to provide you with a unique cheese. Our organic goat cheddar is the first variety of cheese that we produce but in the future we hope to find many more ways to bring our milk to your table. The cheese you can buy at the stores right now is produced for us by Gordon from Gordon’s Goat Dairy, who helps us out starting into our cheese adventure. Organic Goat Cheddar You can buy it as a mild cheddar that is…Continue Reading “What”

The Farm Our land is farmed applying organic and biodynamic principles. That means, we try to let our farm build an individual organism that is self sustainable. We try to minimize the inputs we need from the outside and only market the surplus produce. We have as many animals as we need to provide fertility to our soil (through the manure) on which we grow all the feed for our herds. That way we create a cycle that can enrich and improve the health of…Continue Reading “How”

Why ‘Capella Meadows’ If you look up into the clear sky at night you might be able to see a star constellation called Auriga. In one of the first interpretations of this constellation it represented a crook from a goat-herd or shepherd. The brightest star of this constellation in called ‘Capella’, which is Latin and translates to ‘small female goat’. This little goat sits on the shoulder of the shepherd while he wanders around the sky.   Why cheese making For us cheesemaking is a…Continue Reading “Why”