The farm

Our land is farmed applying organic and biodynamic principles. That means, we try to let our farm build an individual organism that is self sustainable.

We try to minimize the inputs we need from the outside and only market the surplus produce.

We have as many animals as we need to provide fertility to our soil (through the manure) on which we grow all the feed for our herds.

That way we create a cycle that can enrich and improve the health of animals and soil and create a unique taste and quality in all that we produce.


The milk

The soil, our farm is based on, the crops we grow and what feed we provide to our goats, the way we manage our pasture and select our breeding stock: all this is part of the taste of our milk.

We try to create a healthy, strong farm organism that lets our goats produce rich and tasty milk.

Since our goats are on pasture during the summer months but in the barn feeding on hay during the winter months, the taste of our milk varies throughout the year. This you might be able to taste in the cheese as well. Although you have to consider the ripening time of at least six months before we sell our cheese.


The cheese

The milk gets handled as carefully as possible after milking to ensure the least possible damage to the milk.

When making cheese we don’t use additives and we always strive to find more natural ways of cheesemaking.

We are constantly trying to improve our knowledge about milk, its behavior and the process of making and aging cheese.

We hope that over the years you will find that our quality and depth in taste keep improving.


Since we are an organic farm, we do not use GMO!