At Capella Meadows we try to provide you with a unique cheese.

Our organic goat cheddar is the first variety of cheese that we produce but in the future we hope to find many more ways to bring our milk to your table.

The cheese you can buy at the stores right now is produced for us by Gordon from Gordon’s Goat Dairy, who helps us out starting into our cheese adventure.

Organic Goat Cheddar

You can buy it as a mild cheddar that is aged for six month, a regular cheddar that is a year old or as aged with at least two years of aging.

The older it gets, the more flavor it develops.

At the same time our cheese can taste very differently depending on the time of production.

In summer, when the goats are on pasture they produce a lot of milk and the cheese is firmer and drier.

In winter the milk is more concentrated and contains more fat, that makes the cheese creamier.