Why ‘Capella Meadows’

If you look up into the clear sky at night you might be able to see a star constellation called Auriga. In one of the first interpretations of this constellation it represented a crook from a goat-herd or shepherd.

The brightest star of this constellation in called ‘Capella’, which is Latin and translates to ‘small female goat’.

This little goat sits on the shoulder of the shepherd while he wanders around the sky.


Why cheese making

For us cheesemaking is a way to ensure that you as a consumer can taste the effort we put into farming.

Instead of selling our milk to a dairy where it gets mixed in with other farms, we are now able to concentrate the taste of our farm into cheese.

This for us is a big motivation to keep improving our soils, our herd, our milk and our cheese to provide you the best possible product for your table.